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Advanced Molding Glass Types

HOYA CORPORATION offers a variety of glass materials based on our refined melting recipes. The combination of various glass materials and lens designs result in a powerful mix of microlenses that will fit just about any application. Most of these glass types are environmentally friendly (lead free) and have lower melting points, which translates into lower manufacturing costs. Some of the examples are:

  • Higher Dispersion Glass M-LaF81
    Applications: Optical pickups for CD players and laser printers
  • Lower Dispersion Glass: M-BaCD5
    Applications: Magneto-optic memory and pickups for CD players
  • Higher Refractive Index Glass: M-NbFD82
    Its higher refractive index allows greater curvature for shorter focal length and higher numerical aperture lenses
    Applications: Optical communication equipment
  • Extremely Low Dispersion Glass: FCD1
    Low change in refractive index with different wavelength of light minimizes focusing error caused by the varying wavelength output by laser diodes

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Note: The listed data are standard value. Because of continuous product improvement, the various data listed are subject to change without notice.