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LM : Laser Coating

HOYA CORPORATION USA - Optics Division has the coating expertise and design capability to manufacture some of your most challenging laser requirements. HOYA's in-house fabrication and extensive analytical instrumentation ensure prompt delivery and utmost quality.

  • Electron Beam Evaporated Coatings: Laser damage threshold > 5J/cm2, 1ns pulses, 50pps
  • Coatings for UV-VIS-NIR Applications
  • Available Substrates: BK-7, Dynasil and other substrates from HOYA's extensive Optical and Filter Glass Catalog
  • Instrumentation: Interferometers, spectrometers, video comparators, AFM and SEM
  • Surface Quality: 10/5 and better
  • Precision Mechanical and Thickness Tolerances

Available Coatings

  • AR: Anti-Reflection Coatings
    R<0.2% typical. Customer specified wavelength and width
  • Dual AR
    R<0.2% for 532 and 1064nm typical
  • HR: High Reflection Coatings
    R>99.5% typical. Customer specified wavelength and angle of incidence
  • Dual HR
    R>99.5% for 532 and 1064nm typical
  • PC: Polarizer Coating
    Designed to customer specification
  • PR: Partial Reflectors
    Designed to customer specification
  • Custom Coatings
    Dichroic, Brewster and other coatings available upon request

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Note: The listed data are standard value. Because of continuous product improvement, the various data listed are subject to change without notice.