Industries We Serve

HOYA is a leading provider of advanced optical materials and components. With over 60 years of experience in the optics field, HOYA had developed a full line of products spanning from industrial to scientific to high-end electro-optics applications.

In our Optics Division, the following is a list of industries that we serve:

CRT Instrument Panels Color Filter Glass
LCD Instrument Panels NA-35
Transparent Conductive Coating Coating
Various Dichoric / Bandpass / AR Coatings Coating
Ultra-Parallel Fused Silica Wafer Quartz Wafer
Microscopy Filters Color Filter Glass
Consumer Electronics
CD / DVD Pickup Lenses Aspherical Lens
Digital Camera / Video Camera Lenses Aspherical Lens
Flat Panel Display Glass NA-35
Electronic Imaging
Full range of Color Filter Glasses Color Filter Glass
Ultra-Thin Color Compensating Glass CD-5000
Telescope / Microscope Glass and Filters Color Filter Glass
Instrumentation Panels / Windows Color Filter Glass
Laser Protective Optics Color Filter Glass
Coated Laser Optics Coating: Laser
UV Transilluminator Glass Color Filter Glass: UV Transmitting
Fused Silica Wafers Quartz Wafer
Silicon Wafer Bonding Wafers SD-2
DWDM / CWDM / Edge / Skip / Bandpass Filters Coating
Glass Polarizers CUPO
Collimating / Focusing Aspherical Lenses Aspherical Lens