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Specialty Glass : Products & Services

These specialty glasses are each designed with unique optical, thermal, mechanical and chemical characteristics for a broad range of applications. These glasses are engineered with HOYA's many years of glass melting expertise and our extensive advanced R&D facilities throughout the world.

NA-35/NA-32R: LCD Display - Alumino Silicate Glass

  • Excellent thermal characteristics
  • Minimal surface cloudiness

Quartz: High Precision Fused Silica Wafers

  • Superb surface finish
  • Ultra Parallel

SD-2: Silicon to Glass Bonding Wafers

  • Designed with a coefficient of thermal expansion curve which closed matches Silicon wafers
  • Minimal stress when anodicially bonded to Silicon

CD-5000: Ultra-Thin Color Compensating Filter

  • Ideally suited for CCD applications such as Video Camera and Digital Camera.
  • Enhances color distribution in the visible spectrum while eliminating UV and IR transmission

Optical Glass and Lens Pressings

  • Showcase of our environmentally-friendly optical glasses
  • Pressed lens blanks, Rolled and Sliced blanks, Fabricated blanks and E-Bars

Note: The listed data are standard value. Because of continuous product improvement, the various data listed are subject to change without notice.