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CD-5000: Ultra-Thin Color Compensating Filter

HOYA's CD-5000 is being developed as a next generation Ultra-Thin Color Compensating Filter for various imaging applications. At standard thickness of 0.45mm the optical properties of CD-5000 are equivalent to its predecessor C-5000 at 1.2mm thickness.

This filter is ideally suited for CCD applications such as Video Camera and Digital Camera. CD-5000 enhances the color distribution in the visible spectrum while eliminating any UV and near IR transmission.


  • Video Camera
  • Digital Camera


  • Ultra-Thin
  • High Transmission in the Visible Range
  • Excellent Chemical Durability
  • Matching Transmission to its Predecessor C-5000
Thermal Properties
  Value Unit Remarks
Transformation Temperature (Tg) 329 °C  
Sag Temperature (Ts) 365 °C  
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 170 x10-7/°C 100-300°C
Mechanical Properties
  Value Unit Remarks
Abrasion Factor 440    
Knoop Hardness 440 Kgf/mm2  
Physical Properties
  Value Unit Remarks
Specific Gravity 3.27    
Refractive Index (nd) 1.518    
Abbe-Number (vd) 74.6    
Transmission at 0.45mm Thickness
  Value Unit Remarks
400nm 8.62 % ≥ 85%
600nm 59.9 % 50% @ 613±10nm
1200nm 18.8 % ≤ 20%

Note: The listed data are standard value. Because of continuous product improvement, the various data listed are subject to change without notice.