Optical Glass

Optical Glass

Since 1941, HOYA has been a premier provider of optical glasses. Over the years, this traditional material business has transformed into a key element in the development of advanced electronics and information technologies.
HOYA has invested heavily in technical innovation to satisfy advanced requirements as well as to increase our commitment to environment preservation. Such commitments include the removal of lead, arsenic and other non‐environmentally friendly chemicals. Our goal is to leverage our technology to fulfill our customers' needs, while contributing to the environment and society.


  1. Glass Molded Lenses (GMO)
  2. Preforms for Precision Moldings (PF)
  3. Glass Polished Lenses
  4. Glass Lenses Pressed Blanks
  5. E‐Bar (ExtrudedMaterial)
  6. Aspherical Lenses – Standard Portfolio

Product description

  1. Glass Molded Lenses (GMO)

    HOYA has established the unique technology that produces a large amount of highly accurate aspherical glass molded lenses. In the process low Tg glass materials and super precision aspherical mold die are used, both supplied by inhouse resources. Our glass molded lenses are supplied to interchangeable lens, single lens reflex camera, digital camera, video camera, projector lenses, invehicle camera, cellular‐phone camera, BD picking up or collimator lens and LBP laser application.

  2. Preforms (PF)

    We offer two types of preforms for precision molding. These glass types are for exclusive use in a precision molding process and widely known as low melting point glass.
    The hot process preform is formed into a final shape directly from the melting furnace. These glass types are distinguished by the prefix "MP‐xxxx".
    The cold process preform is formed into a both‐side polished through conventional polishing process which produces both sides polished. These glass types are distinguished by the prefix "MC‐xxxx".

  3. Glass Polished Lenses

    Polished glass lenses are manufactured from pressed blanks by using a polishing process. We also offer post‐processing centering, coating, lens painting (sumi), cementing (balsam) per your requirements.

  4. Glass Lenses Pressed Blanks

    There are three types of pressed blanks for polished glass lens material.

    Direct Pressed Blanks (DP)
    Direct pressed blanks are formed by a fully automatic direct casting process. HOYA's DP product is superior to the RP product in dimensional accuracy in outside diameter, thickness, etc.

    Re‐heat Pressed Blanks (RP)
    Re‐heat pressed blanks are formed by a manual press method using a glass cutting and glass softening process.

    Rolled and Sliced Blanks (RS)
    Rolled and sliced blanks are formed precisely from rounded off and sliced material. HOYA's RS product is superior to pressed blanks in dimensional accuracy.

  5. E‐Bar (Extruded Material)

    Raw material is available in coarse or fine annealed options. Our extrusion melting method (E‐bar form) yields glass in strip form – not block. The two opposite surfaces although not polished, permit visual internal inspection. The remaining four sides are fire‐polished or as cast.

  6. Aspherical Lenses – Standard Portfolio

    Patented molding process provides extremely consistent lens‐to‐lens accuracy and flawless aspheric surface. We offer seven lenses in our standard portfolio. We can also manufacture custom aspherical lenses. Our process is tailored to high volume processing.

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